Hello! I’m Bella, a product designer invested in crafting meaningful experience and designing for human beings.

Appreciate you taking the extra step to get to know me!

👧 a little more about me

first things first

I grew up in Xi’an, China, and I’m now residing in Vancouver. I got my degree in Business but found my real passion in design. My curiosity of how design can affect humans leads me to become a designer.

critical thinker

Comply with my business background, my brain is equipped with critical thinking. That means, be expected that I’ll ask critical questions, challenge the original goal, involve strategies in my design process, and help you see a bigger picture.


I’m a Product Designer focusing on consumer-end products at Fantuan, in responsible for initiating strategies to getting new customers, iterating a better food delivery experience, and exploring new opportunities for business growth. 

During my work, I spend 60% of my time for research, cross-functional communication and alignment,  30% for pushing pixels, and 10% for reflections.

✍️ for me, design is


I think deeply about the scenarios of the people who will use my designs and the context of their experience. 

With empathy, I help design experiences that are user-oriented through empowerment, simplicity, and moments of joy.

a way to empower

I view design as an extension of the products and services businesses are looking to provide.

A good design is not only meaningful for users but also helps growing a business. 

never just work

Design is more than just work. I enjoy spending hours on exploring and experimenting with different possibilities and solutions, even at outside of work.

Seeing what I can come up with and how my design can affect others are what I love.

🌙 after hours

aesthetically pleasing things

I like anything that are aesthetically pleasing, from fashion to home decor, and from flower arrangement to dining plating. I love to browse Instagram or Pinterest for inspirations, and watch DIY or home decor videos on Youtube.


During the quarantine, as I had plenty of time staying at home, I pushed myself to learn a new survival skill, which is, cooking.

This process helped me to be more patient, organized, and efficient in the kitchen, and of course, a rewarding meal to feed my tummy.

what else

Love outdoor activities, like hiking, snowboarding, and kayaking

Enjoy watching documentaries, especially true-crime docuseries

Food lover & always exploring new food

💡 what i'm thinking

new perspectives

Human Words – to build empathy through plain language

Design sprint – new way to try for aligning team goals

keep learning

Julie Zhuo – for the best advice

new year's resolutions

Master my snowboarding skills so that I can check out the Blackcomb Glacier ice cave before it melting away

Go on my first trip in the past two years

Learn baking and try a high-end omaseka 😉